CO2 Extinguishers

A CO2 fire extinguisher contains pure carbon dioxide. It works to suffocate the fire by removing the oxygen it needs to burn.

2kg CO2 Extinguisher (Commander EDGE)

2kg CO2 Extinguisher (Commander EDGE)

£29.99£35.99 inc. VAT

Available from 28/06/2021

5kg CO2 Extinguisher (Commander EDGE)

5kg CO2 Extinguisher (Commander EDGE)

£58.58£70.30 inc. VAT

Available from 23/06/2021

This type of extinguisher is suitable for Class B fires (flammable liquids like petrol or oil) but it’s also recommended for fires involving electricty thanks to the fact it’s non-damaging to electrical equipment and machinery.

Premises that would benefit from incorporating a CO2 fire extinguisher include modern offices, kitchens and server rooms.

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