Types of Fire

Class A Fires

Class A fires are the most commonly encountered kind, and involve most varieties of solid combustible material. This can typically include wood, paper and textiles, and commonly occur in the home as well as in the workplace. Class A fires are combated effectively and cheaply by the use of either water or foam fire extinguishers.

Class B Fires

Class B fires are outbreaks involving flammable liquids. These include fuels such as petrol and diesel, but also paints, oils and alcohol. For Class B fires a foam fire extinguisher is recommended.

Class C Fires

Class C fires are caused by flammable or combustible gases. These include those used as fuel such as methane, propane, or natural gas. A powder fire extinguisher is the recommended choice for a Class C fire. Powder fire extinguishers carry a risk of inhalation and therefore should not be used in confined spaces. They are more suitable for large workshops or forecourts.

Class D Fires

Class D fires are mostly encountered in industrial settings and they refer specifically to fires resulting from flammable metals like magnesium. Class D fires are put out by specialist dry powder extinguishers- like this one.

Electrical Fires

Electrical fires are fires involving electrical equipment or appliances. These can occur at home, in the office, or anywhere that electrical equipment is in use. Due to the risk of electric shock, and further equipment damage, water extinguishers are not recommended for electrical fires. Instead a CO2 extinguisher is best.

F Class Fires

Class F fires typically occur in professional kitchens or other spaces where oils are being heated to high temperatures, like in a deep-fat fryer. Due to the exceptionally high temperatures involved in these fires a wet chemical extinguisher is recommended. We carry several wet chemical extinguishers which are suitable for Class A, B and F fires- making them great all-rounders for in the home, or in a workplace with on-site food preparation facilities.

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