Medichief Premium Face Shields

As the lockdown eases further and more and more businesses are getting back to the new normal, Medichief Premium Face Shields are now being worn by employees in a wide range of workplaces.

An essential piece of PPE, wearing a face shield is either mandatory or advised when close contact with other people is unavoidable.  They provide a high level of protection as they cover the whole face – the mouth, nose and eyes meaning a high percentage of infectious viral particles are prevented from spreading.

Medichief customers include opticians, care homes, dentists, doctors, hairdressers, nail artists and vets.

The Medichief Premium Face Shield is a lightweight face shield with an anti-fog coating for maximum visibility. It is a disposable, non-sterile, single-use, individually wrapped face shield for use to reduce the spread of Covid-19. The product is CE certified and can be worn with or without additional face protection, such as prescription or protective eyewear and face masks.

Lightweight design for ease of use

Designed for a long shift or an extended period of use, face shield is lightweight to make it as comfortable as possible.

Anti-fog & optically clear visor

One of the most important factors for any face shield user is to be able to continue with their work whilst protected. With a clear visor for maximum visibility and an anti-fog coating to ensure it can be worn for long periods of time with no loss of operating vision.

Certified face shield

Medichief realise that user safety is paramount when it comes to PPE products, that’s why these face shields have been tested in a UK Laboratory and carry a CE Mark.

Soft elastic strap and high density foam for maximum user comfort

Maximising design to provide user comfort, made with a soft elastic strap and a high-density foam headband, this Face Shield is ideal to be worn on a long shift or over an extended period of time.

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